What Will Travel In A Post-Covid World Be Like

At Global Travel Studio we like to respond effectively to a changing world. Sometimes that is about certain places becoming more fashionable destinations or going out of vogue, but often we have to react to unfortunate events.

For this reason, we are always quick to respond when an incident might make a destination problematic to visit, such as if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all but essential travel to a place. A full refund will always be guaranteed.

However, the Covid-19 crisis has had a much deeper impact. Now, rather than just one country being off limits, it seems the whole world is. The question is, how will we respond?

Domestic bliss

With countries on lockdown, even getting out of the house for anything other than shopping or exercise has been an issue for most. However, provided the infection rate keeps falling, it may be reasonable to assume people can at least have a holiday somewhere later this year, though probably not to some far-flung destination.

That will happen when the infection rate is considered low enough to allow hotels to open again. Because Britain is in a common travel area with Ireland and has also exempted France from the upcoming 14-day quarantine plan for incoming airline passengers, we will look to offer holidays in the UK, Ireland and France first.

In the French case, however, it is worth noting the country has stronger lockdown arrangements for Paris and the north than in the south, so expect to be able to visit the Riviera before you can go to Reims.

Similarly, within the UK we may start providing deals for stays in England sooner than the devolved areas (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) if they decide to open up at a slower pace.

Wise global assessments

We will also make careful assessments when it comes to travelling to other countries, but it should be noted that opportunities to travel will depend not just on whether they have all but eradicated the virus, but also how willing they are to allow people to fly there from Britain.

For example, the current situation in Australia and New Zealand looks promising and the respective governments have been discussing a ‘Trans-Tasman bubble’ travel area. But while it may be safe to go to Auckland or Adelaide, it still requires such countries to be happy for Britons to travel there.

What the future may hold

At the time of writing, countries are battling hard to get control of the virus while medical scientists seek the most effective treatments and the ultimate solution of a working vaccine.

Ideally, we will soon have a treatment that will send the Coronavirus the way of the Spanish Flu and the Black Death - a grim memory, but one consigned to the past.

However, we will of course always be vigilant in case of any new pandemics and it is likely that in the future, the memory of what happened with Covid-19 will mean any hint of a repeat would prompt very fast action to shut down travel to affected countries.

That is why our guarantee of a full refund or an alternative trip of equal value will always hold if circumstances beyond your and our control should arise.

Dealing the Covid-19 crisis is all about protecting lives and health. As we look to a future when the world is able to travel freely again, we will always take whatever action is needed to remain safe.

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