Package Trips vs DIY Holidays: Which is Best?

Updated: May 29, 2020

When planning a holiday, one of the great questions every prospective traveller has to answer is: Is it better to go for an all-in package holiday where everything is included, or should you just buy a flight and do the rest yourself?

At Global Travel, we want to offer both options, because we know every trip is different and so are our customers.

How to make a choice

Some people may be very sure what they want to: A lot of people love to have all the organisation sorted out by someone else, so they can just relax and enjoy the ride. Others enjoy planning and want to do something unusual with their trip.

Others may not be sure which option is better, so we suggest the following factors should be considered when working out the best thing to do.

  • Do you want to see familiar landmarks that are on many bucket lists, or go off and do something a bit different?

  • Do you like being in a group or doing your own thing?

  • Have you visited the destination before?

  • Are there impediments to travel in your destination such as challenges with visas or poor public transport?

  • Are there safety considerations involved in your trip?

Let’s consider each of these in turn.

Familiarity or novelty?

This can be the biggest factor. If the package tour features all the things you want to see, then there’s no reason not to join it.

However, planning your own trip means you can see hidden gems and things others might not consider to be of much interest.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd

A key question is whether you like being with a larger group. For some, the highlight of a holiday can be the chance to meet interesting people and make new friends. Others, however, prefer the feeling of independence and freedom that travelling alone or with one or two others brings.

Familiarity helps

You may have been to a particular place before and are keen to repeat the experience, or to do or see something you missed out on last time. If you are familiar with a destination, you may be more likely to travel independently as planning the trip will be simpler when you know the local accommodation, public transport and customs.

Practical barriers

There are cases of countries were getting visas can be tricky, while in other cases having a coach for a group is a good idea because the public transport is unreliable. You may also be dealing with language barriers that impede your planning. In cases like these, you may decide an organized trip put together by those who know their way around the system is a smart idea.

Stay safe

You should also be aware of the safety implications of travel. There are places in the world, such as Cape Town or Jamaica, where there are great reasons for a visit and lots of tourism, but also some issues of crime you would do well to avoid. An organized trip involving safety in numbers can help.

Also, there are instances where certain activities will require some formal organisation. For instance, our package trip to climb Kilimanjaro includes all the guides you need. Since 1991 it has been illegal to ascend Africa’s highest mountain without one.

Finally, if you opt for a package, travel insurance will be included. If you go for the independent option, make sure you take out your own package! Indeed, we have a whole blog on this.


At Global Travel Studio, we aim to help you enjoy the holiday that fits best with what you want. That’s why we don’t tell you what to do; instead, we prefer to provide plenty of options and top tips so you can make an informed decision on what will hopefully be the holiday of a lifetime!

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