Global Travel FAQs

By the Great Wall of China

Q: Are you experts on Chinese tourism?

A: We certainly are! We run trips to several major cities in China and major attractions such as the Terracotta Army and the Great Wall

Q: Do you do holidays to every part of the world?

A: We do! Apart from Antarctica, we now offer trips to every continent. Among our recent packages were the Amazon River trip in Brazil (centred on Manaus) and the Trans-Siberian railway tour in Russia.

Planning Travels
Insurance Agent

Is it mandatory to take travel insurance as part of your package?

A: It isn’t, but we do very strongly advise you to have travel insurance in place for your trip. Some people do have their own travel insurance policies, such as those offered as part of packaged bank accounts or specialised policies for dangerous sports. While you are coveted in some ways by the agreement in your package, there is still the potential for anyone without a policy to face major problems such as high medical costs if they fall ill or have an accident. 

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